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When does the domain owner have to be verified again?

The ICANN requires a verification of the domain owner, if one of the following changes are made to a gTLD (generic, non-country specific domains like .com, .net, .org, .buzz, etc.):

- Changes to the organisation name, first name or last name of the owner
- Change of the owner's e-mail address
- When the combination of name and e-mail address is used for the first time in a domain registration
- When a domain is transferred to a not yet verified combination of name and e-mail address

Any of the above mentioned actions results in the need for a (re)verification of the owner. An e-mail is sent to the owner's e-mail address containing a link to a verification page. To complete the verification the link must be clicked, afterwards a page with a confirmation of the successfull verification is shown.

If the verification is not completed within 16 days, ALL domains with this name/e-mail combination are set to "Client Hold". This status removes the name servers of the domain from it's TLD zone and becomes not resolvable and is therefore not working in the internet anymore. This process is demanded by the ICANN.

The status Client Hold does NOT prevent updates, transfers or renewals of a domain. Also, domains will never be deleted because of lacking verification!

Only the above mentioned verification can lift the Client Hold status.

If the e-mail address of the owner is not valid anymore, they should update the concerning contact template in the easyname control panel. Please contact the easyname support for the actual verification e-mail to be re-sent.