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Phishing e-mails: what you should know

by easyname -
What exactly is phishing and how can you protect yourself from it? In our post, you will get to know everything about it. We will explain how phishing works and we will show you what you need to be careful about so that no one can get to your…

Website not available: 8 most common causes and their possible solutions

by easyname -
Disaster: Your website cannot be opened, and you are slowly panicking because your customers do not get information, potential new customers cannot open your site and your online shop cannot sell anything ... Do not panic! The easyname support…

Ubuntu 20.04 on easyname VPS

by easyname -
Ubuntu 20.04 in the Long-Term-Support (LTS) version was launched in April 2020 and promises support for the coming 5 years. With easyname you can now use the latest Ubuntu distribution on Linux virtual servers. Ubuntu 20.04 version (code…

VPS: How to use automated backups and snapshots?

by easyname -
When configuring our VPS products, in addition to RAM, CPU and the required SSD storage space, you can also add important add-ons such as automated backups and snapshots. In this article, we will show you how to simplify and speed up your…

How to install WordPress with WP-CLI on easyname VPS

by Theresa Schmidt -
WP-CLI is the official command-line-interface (CLI) tool for WordPress, which allows you to perform many WordPress actions without using a browser. Why without a browser? There are use cases in which we do not have a browser available…

Your own VPS for new projects!

by easyname -
In recent months, our team has worked intensive to expand easyname portfolio with a new product - VPS (Virtual Private Server). The initial survey provided some important information and showed us what you consider to be extremely important…

7 convincing reasons you need to launch a website for your small eCommerce

by Dorian Martin -
eCommerce is an industry that’s getting more competitive every year. Marketers need to constantly find ways to differentiate from the competitors, launch amazing offers and eliminate the unnecessary. Among eCommerce marketers who have witnessed…

VPS or Dedicated Server? What’s the difference?

by easyname -
Virtual private server (VPS) is a powerful virtual server for your projects that require high technical requirements and flexibility. Are you a developer looking for the perfect environment for your deployment? Do you have an e-shop and…

How to switch your WordPress website completely to SSL

by Theresa Schmidt -
Nearly everyone will be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2018 - one of the necessities it has brought with it is SSL encryption. In this article we explain how to switch your WordPress website…

What do you need to create your own website?

by Tolga Caner -
You want to create a website for your great project and wonder what is important? You would like to know what it actually takes and how to do it? We will show you how to get started immediately with a few simple steps. In a few steps to…

How to attract more visitors to your website

by Bernhard Ehn -
So you have created a great new website that you want to show off to the whole world but you don’t know how? Here are 5 tips that will help you to attract more visitors to your website.

Welcome to the shiny new easyname blog!

by easyname -
The time has finally come: Our blog now has a fresh and shiny new look! Read on to discover what else is new and what you can look forward to in the not so distant future!