What do you need to create your own website?

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You want to create a website for your great project and wonder what is important? You would like to know what it actually takes and how to do it? We will show you how to get started immediately with a few simple steps.

In a few steps to your own website

Your own website always starts with an idea. This can have very different motives – from information and blogs to webshops and games. But you can also create a website for special moments, such as wedding invitations, photos and memories with your favourite people. You see that a website can have very different approaches. But all these projects have one thing in common – the perfect idea. 

Once you have found your idea, don’t wait too long and start your online project. For your own website, we recommend that as a next step, you consider your domain for the website. 

Domaincheck – is your desired domain available?

Every website has its own domain, which means that the domain you give your website is a distinct and worldwide unique name. The anatomy of a domain is simple – you have a third-level domain, a second-level domain and a top-level domain.

↑ third-level domain↑ second-level domain top-level domain

You can now live out your creativity in the second level domain area and find the right domain for your project. When you have found your desired domain, you should check whether the domain is still available. So, if you have already found your desired domain, then test here.

Next, you should also think about the top-level domain (TLD). A very popular decision factor for your domain extension is to approach it according to the topic of your website.

If you want to address an international target group with your website, then a .com domain is the right choice. If your project is about photos and images of yourself, you could also choose the TLD .photo for example.

There are of course many more topics and domain extensions – we have an overview with possible domain extensions. 

Take into account that some domain endings have special provisions. If your desired domain extension has special rules, you will receive this information on our website for the respective domain extension. 

If your desired domain is available, you can register it directly and you are already one step further with your website! 

Webhosting – Choose your storage space for your website

After you have checked and registered your desired domain, you now have to think about the storage space of your website. Briefly and simply explained, with web hosting you have a provider for your website who provides you with web space. Web hosting enables your website to be accessed by users.

Here there are different offers for web hosting – we say that it depends very much on how you build your website. If you want to create an online store, you will need much more storage space than if you create a blog.

You are welcome to have a look at the different packages and what is included in each package. You can find the description of the webhosting here.

Creating a website – modular principle or independent programming?

With this step you can now start creating your own website. Now it’s your turn – do you want to use ready-made designs based on a modular principle or use HTML and CSS code? If you need a website quickly and have little to no programming skills, we would strongly recommend the modular principle. With ready-made templates you can build your own professional website in just a few steps, without any scripting errors. Think about which template is best for your website and start with the content part. You can find our products for the website builder here

If you find a certain template interesting, you are welcome to use our Support to obtain further information. 

A secure website

Security and trustworthiness are more important than ever for companies today, especially when it comes to transmitting sensitive data on the Web – a professional SSL certificate is therefore essential for companies. In this way, visitors to your site recognise that they are not at risk when they transmit credit card information, logins or other sensitive data.

With an SSL certificate, the data exchange between web browser and web server is encrypted and thus protected from access by third parties.
When you secure your website with an SSL certificate, you show your visitors that the data transmitted through your website is secure. Particularly if login data, payment information such as credit card numbers or other sensitive data is transmitted, you should use an SSL certificate.

Your website is thus accessible via http(s):// instead of http:// which is also marked as a secure connection in the browser. We offer you free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt or business certificates from our partner GeoTrust.


As you can see, creating your own website is not difficult – be creative, find the domain that is relevant to your website and don’t forget: it is hosted safely with us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Our support heroes are always happy to help you! 🙂