Phishing e-mails: what you should know

by easyname -
What exactly is phishing and how can you protect yourself from it? In our post, you will get to know everything about it. We will explain how phishing works and we will show you what you need to be careful about so that no one can get to your…

Ubuntu 20.04 on easyname VPS

by easyname -
Ubuntu 20.04 in the Long-Term-Support (LTS) version was launched in April 2020 and promises support for the coming 5 years. With easyname you can now use the latest Ubuntu distribution on Linux virtual servers. Ubuntu 20.04 version (code…

We’ve tuned up your Websitebuilder!

by Bernhard Ehn -
Our Websitebuilder is now better than ever! There are lots of new functions, designs and features that are just waiting for you to discover and use them!