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Setup $0.00
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Renewal $27.90
Transfer (including annual fee) $27.90
Change of the owner $0.00
Modification of domain data $0.00
Recovery after deletion $150.00

Useful information about .net domains

Trends & General Information

The .net domain is beside the .com-domain a really popular top-level-domain around the whole world. It belongs to the group of unsponsored top-level-domains, also called uTLDs. Originally, top-level-domain .net was established in 1985 for network management facilities only, a few years later legitimated persons and companies could buy and register a .net domain. Now, the domain registration is easily possible for everyone. The TLD .net was introduced and established as an abbreviation of the English word "Network". Registry VeriSign is responsible; according the company .net domain is one of the "most important networks of the world". Due to the historical significance and the high reputation of TLD .net it is highly recommended to buy and register a .net domain.

General Information

Domain transfer .net domain transfer is possible
Transfer auth-code An auth-code is required for the transfer of a .net domain
Domain security You can set a transfer lock for your .net domain
Change of ownership Change of ownership is possible for .net domains
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Your .net domain can contain special characters
Numeric domains A .net domain cannot consist only of numbers
Registry Verisign (Website)


New registration 1 year up to max. 10 years
Renewal 1 year up to max. 9 years
Duration of registration It takes a few seconds to register the .net domain.
Notice period The notice period for termination is 4 days before the domain expires.

Special provisions

Domain length A .net domain may be between 2 - 63 characters long. Hyphens may be used, but not at the beginning or at the end of the domain, and not 2 consecutive (for example, aa

additional Information


As already noted top-level-domain .net was formerly reserved exclusively to network management facilities. Certain popularity has acquired as well as the reputation of a stable and secure top-level-domain. Frequently, the domain is still used in the network sector and by e-commerce or Internet service providers. However, now it's possible for every international individual or company to buy register a .net domain easily online.

Like many other TLDs the .net domain allows 2 to 63 characters, special characters and pure numeric domains are permitted. Once you have found your preferred .net domain, it is very easy to buy and register it online. Within a few seconds, we register your desired domain in real-time so you can quickly start your work!

Related domains include .info domain, which was originally used by information providers, the .org domain actually introduced for organizations and the .tv domain, a country-specific domain of Tuvalu, which is often misused for websites of TV companies.
There are two big competitors of .net: On the one hand is world's most common .com domain and on the other hand the very popular Internet country code top-level-domain .de of Germany.


TLD .net is currently the number 3 of most popular top-level-domains: Behind the .com domain with approximately 102 million registered domains and the .de domain with nearly 15 million internet addresses .net domain is represented with about 14.7 million domains. An additional advantage: For many visitors, the .net has a great reputation conditioned by historical usage.

The TLD .net is still very popular and the number of registered domains rises from month to month. Especially online service providers, individuals, companies and interested customers shouldn't wait too long: We recommend you to buy and register your preferred .net domains as quickly as possible - be sure to control you business with you personal .net domain.