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Setup $0.00
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Renewal $28.90
Transfer (including annual fee) $28.90
Change of the owner $0.00
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Recovery after deletion $99.00

Useful information about .it domains

Trends & General Information

Italy uses the country-specific ccTLD .it on the national domain market - the .it domain has been assigned since 1987. The responsible administrative authority of the registered .it domains is IIT-CNR. In addition to companies and individuals who have an economic, political or cultural relationship with Italy, global IT companies are also frequent users of the .it domain.

You can easily buy and register your personal domain online at easyname. Within a very short time we set up your .it Internet address and offer you the opportunity to fill it with content. Whether private individual or company - easyname offer all users a variety of services to buy the desired .it domain.

General Information

Domain transfer .it domain transfer is possible
Transfer auth-code An auth-code is required for the transfer of a .it domain
Domain security You can set a transfer lock for your .it domain
Change of ownership Change of ownership is possible for .it domains
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Your .it domain can contain special characters
Numeric domains A .it domain cannot consist only of numbers
Registry (Website | Regulations)


New registration 1 year
Renewal 1 year
Duration of registration It takes a few seconds to register the .it domain.
Notice period The notice period for termination is 8 days before the domain expires.

Special provisions

Domain length A .it domain may be between 3 - 63 characters long. Hyphens may be used, but not at the beginning or at the end of the domain, and not 2 consecutive (for example, aa
Residence The Owner has to be resident in:
  • Switzerland
  • European Union
  • United Kingdom
  • Croatia
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • San Marino
  • Vatican City

additional Information


As a country-specific ccTLD, the .it domain enjoys great popularity within Italy's borders. Companies and individuals use the top-level domain to create websites with national and mostly Italian-language content. In addition, the .it domain is misused by some IT companies worldwide, which express a direct relevance to the information technology industry due to the domain ending.

The .it domain is relatively easy to register: If you want to buy your domain, you need to prove your EU citizenship - private persons also need a tax number when registering. Otherwise, the procurement guidelines are quite user-friendly: Minor administrative effort and fast processing of the domain order make it easy for you to register your desired domain. If you have any questions or problems, the team of easyname will be pleased to assist you with expert advice. For example, contact us via the contact form or communicate directly with the support team via e-mail at

Your personal Internet address with the ccTLD .it can contain between 3 and 63 characters, special characters with the exception of the hyphen are not allowed. Pure numerical domains or numbers in the domain name are allowed.

Related domains can be found both in the adjacent geographical area or in the Mediterranean environment. The .at domain of Austria, but also the ccTLD of France .fr and Spain .es are in direct relation to the Italian .it domain.


Viewed Europe-wide, the .it domain enjoys great popularity. Both national operating companies and Internet service providers from around the world use the ccTLD. In the middle of 2010, around 2 million registered .it domains were registered, which means that around 1000 domains in Italy have about 33 domains with the top-level domain .it

In international comparison based on the mass of registered domains, the .it domain is thus ahead of the French .fr domain and the US .us domain .

If you have already found your desired domain, you should buy it as quickly as possible and register, because .it domains are very popular because of its association with IT service providers. Some popular internet addresses have already been taken, but a huge number of domains are still unregistered. Check if your .it domain is still available and buy or register your personal web address at easyname.