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Setup $0.00
Registration $59.00
Renewal $59.00
Transfer (including annual fee) $59.00
Change of the owner $119.00
Modification of domain data $0.00

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Trends & General Information

The domain is one of the official Internet country code top-level domains of Portugal. It is a meaningful domain extension, which is used in particular by Portuguese companies - the combination is formed of the short form "com" for commercial use and the official abbreviation "pt" for Portugal. But also private individuals are able to buy and register a domain. For companies, it is necessary to communicate your VAT number; by private individuals we need the identity card number to buy and register your desired domain.

The "Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional" manages the registered domains such as the country-specific top-level domain .pt of Portugal.

General Information

Domain transfer domain transfer is possible
Transfer auth-code An auth-code is required for the transfer of a domain
Domain security You can not set a transfer lock for your domain
Change of ownership Change of ownership is possible for domains
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Your domain can contain special characters
Numeric domains A domain cannot consist only of numbers


New registration 1 year up to max. 5 years
Renewal 1 year up to max. 5 years
Duration of registration It takes up to 3 days. to register the
Notice period The notice period for termination is 10 days before the domain expires.

Special provisions

Domain length A domain may be between 2 - 63 characters long. Hyphens may be used, but not at the beginning or at the end of the domain, and not 2 consecutive (for example, aa

additional Information


Especially if the desired .pt domain is already taken, we recommend Portuguese companies to buy and register a domain as attractive alternative, because it underlines a commercial orientation in Portugal. It also offers an enormous potential for search engine optimization.

When choosing your domain between 3 and 63 characters are available. Of course you may use numbers and hyphens within your Internet address, also pure numeric domains are allowed. Unfortunately you are not allowed to use special characters within your domain.

Are you looking for more attractive domains? In addition to the domain our recommendations include the Spanish .es domain or the top-level domain of the European Union with extension .eu - the Italian .it could be also interesting for you.


Currently 500,000 .pt domains have been registered in Portugal; a positive trend is recorded. In the last 6 months alone, nearly 80,000 new domains were registered. Although only a low perentage of the entire domains are registered domains, it shows the enormous potential the Portuguese top-level domain .pt and its sub-level domains have to offer.