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Die .BR.COM Domain

Topleveldomain der CentralNic für Brazil

Diese Domain befindet sich in den Kategorien: Portuguese, Americas, Alle
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The br.com domain is a sub-level domain, which is managed by the British CentralNic and is suited particularly for Brazilian enterprises and private individuals. As nearly all domains of the CentralNic, nearly every interested Internet user around the world can easily buy and register an own br.com domain, because no strict policies exist.

Hence, br.com domain is an attractive alternative to the official Internet country code top-level domain of Brazil with the ending com.br, which is suited for foreign enterprises.

Allgemeine Informationen zu der .br.com-Domainendung

Domain-Transfer Der Transfer von .br.com-Domains ist möglich
Transfer-Authcode Für den Transfer einer .br.com-Domain wird ein Authcode benötigt
Domainsicherheit Sie können eine Transfersperre für Ihre .br.com-Domain setzen
Inhaberwechsel Inhaberwechsel ist für .br.com-Domains möglich
Umlautdomain (IDN) Ihre .br.com-Domain darf Sonderzeichen enthalten
Zifferndomain Eine .br.com-Domain darf rein aus Ziffern bestehen


Neuregistrierung 1 Jahr bis max. 10 Jahre
Verlängerung 1 Jahr
Dauer der Registrierung Die Registrierung einer .br.com-Domain dauert wenige Sekunden.
Kündigungsfrist Die Kündigungsfrist beträgt 4 Tage vor Ablauf der Domain.

Besondere Bestimmungen wenn Sie eine .br.com-Domain kaufen wollen

Domainlänge Wenn Sie eine .br.com-Domain kaufen, darf diese 3 - 63 Zeichen haben.
Bindestriche dürfen benutzt werden, aber weder am Anfang noch am Ende der Domain sowie nicht 2 aufeinander folgend (z.B. aa--bb.br.com).

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Just because of the strict policies of Brazilian com.br domain, the br.com domain offers great advantages for foreign companies without headquarter in Brazil. It is perfectly suited as an additional domain, for example, in order to underline a Brazilian commercial alignment.

Because there are very liberal directives on the part of the registry CentralNic, nearly every enterpriser or private individual is able to buy and register a personal br.com address. We kindly ask you, to check the syntax of you desired domain before registering: Total available are between 3 and 63 characters. You may use special characters, numbers within your desirable domain as well as pure numeric domains.

In the portfolio of easyname you find many domains, which are related to the br.com domain. They are the com.ar domain or the ar.com domain easily online. You are also able to register you Colombian .co domain or your Peruvian .pe domain.


Worldwide approximately 2.2 millions .br domains have been registered currently, so the attractive Internet addresses go out slowly indeed. From now on thanks to the br.com domain, businessmen and private individuals are able to use more possibilities to underline a commercial alignment to the South American state Brazil.


Neuregistrierung $59.00
Jahresgebühr $59.00
Einrichtung $0.00
Transfer (inkl. Jahresgebühr) $59.00
Domainänderungen $0.00
Inhaberwechsel $0.00

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