What does "unlimited" actually mean?

"Unlimited" specifically means that you do not have to worry about a fixed capacity of disk space or traffic. Especially if your website becomes known virtually overnight and is therefore called by visitors from all over the world, no further action is required because our products are - with a few exceptions of less than 0.1 percent - really unlimited for almost any application.

What you should nevertheless think about beside the proper, high-performance website optimization is the efficient use of resources: A well developed website allows many visitors at the same time to navigate on your website since very little performance per visitor is required. However, if you have developed an inefficient website, then the number of visitors is more restricted. In such special case or in case of really complex web applications, a private server is better suited.

Conclusion: Each of our unlimited packages has the same restrictions. However, they can vary greatly by your website's programming and performance.

How about the databases?

In our unlimited packages you can create as many MySQL databases as you need. We kindly ask you to ensure that your projects and database access is optimized, so that server stability can be guaranteed at any time. Moreover, your MySQL databases should not be greater than a few gigabytes - this should not be a big restriction in an unlimited package.

What does Unlimited Policy prohibit?

When you create your website, keep a very simple question in mind that can have great influence on the development:

"How can I create a website that would be interesting and attractive to visitors, and also minimize the load on the server?"

If you develop your project based on this thesis, then you are guaranteed to never have problems with our Unlimited Policy.

However, we want to provide you with some provisional information about exact reservations of our policies:

  • copyright protected content
  • File sharing, backups, mirroring
  • You cannot create websites that primarily direct traffic to other sites
  • Access data to web space can neither be offered for free or for payment nor be published.
  • Resellers of web hosting products are excluded from unlimited packages

Due to the complexity, my application is not suitable for an unlimited offer. What are the alternative options?

One of the possible solutions for complex web applications, for example, would be to move to a private server, which is also hosted by easyname and managed by the in-house developed control panel. If you have questions about this special offer or are looking for an individual solution, please contact our customer service via email at support@easyname.com - looking forward to hearing from you.

This doesn't really sound "unlimited" to me?

For 99.9 percent of all applications, our services are truly unlimited and with no restrictions. This entire information site is actually intended only for a fraction of users who want to use our products for developing an unlimited file-sharing portal or other dubious services.

If you want to start a regular and unobjectionable project, you can assume that our unlimited packages keep what it promise: unlimited web space, databases and email accounts - guaranteed.