Change the owner of a domain

To change a domain owner, please log into your easyname Control Panel and navigate to [Domains] → [Contact Templates]. There you can create a template with the new owner information, so you can reuse it later. Once the template has been created, you can assign it under [Domains] → [Manage] (pencil icon) next to the respective domain by using the [Change Owner] button below the field labelled Contacts, select the new template from the drop-down menu and then click the [EXECUTE ORDER] button. If the change of the owner requires confirmation, you will find relevant information on the next page.

ICANN domains

ICANN domains are all gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info) and nTLDs, the newer extensions, which are usually longer than three characters (e.g., .blog, .shop, .games). For these domains you have to confirm two emails, so the owner change can be carried out successfully. One goes to the address of the previous owner and another to that of the new owner (the one included in the new contact template). Only when both emails have been confirmed can the owner change be completed. If this is not possible, because the e-mail address of the previous owner is no longer available, there is a pre-filled form available for download as an alternative. This form must be signed by both parties. If the previous owner is an organization or company, the form must be printed on company stationery or postmarked with a company stamp. In any case, you must enclose some form of identification (copy of an ID card, passport or driver's license) from the undersigned. domains

For all .at domain owner changes, a form is filed out automatically and provided directly in the Control Panel. If the previous owner is a company or organization, proof of the signing authority of the signatory (e.g., commercial register or excerpt from the register of associations/chamber of commerce) must be enclosed, so we can accept the form.

Other domains

For some other top-level domains (e.g., .hu, .ro, .ru, or .cn), we may be contacted by the registry directly if additional documents are required. Should this be the case, we will let you know via email and request documents as needed. With these documents the registry will generate forms and we will pass them on to you.

You can then send us the signed forms by e-mail to

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