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Useful information about .im domains

Trends & General Information

The .im domain is the country-specific ccTLD of the Isle of Man, an island of about 85,000 in population, located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the UK. This TLD exists since 1996 and it is managed directly by the Government of the Isle of Man. The .im domain is particularly popular because of its association with many instant messaging services.

A large part of the registered .im domains are already used by providers who have no geographical connection to the Isle of Man. Rather, companies in Europe, Australia and the US use the enormous potential of .im domains to promote their own products and services in the field of instant messaging.

General Information

Domain transfer .im domain transfer is possible
Transfer auth-code An auth-code is required for the transfer of a .im domain
Domain security You can set a transfer lock for your .im domain
Change of ownership Change of ownership is possible for .im domains
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Your .im domain cannot contain special characters
Numeric domains A .im domain cannot consist only of numbers
Registry Domicilium (Website | Regulations)


New registration 1 year up to max. 10 years
Renewal 1 year
Duration of registration It takes a few seconds to register the .im domain.
Notice period The notice period for termination is 38 days before the domain expires.

Special provisions

Domain length A .im domain may be between 1 - 61 characters long. Hyphens may be used, but not at the beginning or at the end of the domain, and not 2 consecutive (for example, aa

additional Information


Originally, the .im domain was intended to be a country-specific TLD designed to allow individuals or businesses based in the Isle of Man to buy or register a national Internet address. Due to the growing interest in instant messengers, which allow direct communication between two or more subscribers, the .im domain has become increasingly misused and instead of national domains now adorns international web addresses whose core business is instant messaging.

Nowadays, every internet user worldwide can buy or register a .im domain without having to fulfil certain procurement guidelines. easyname is here to help you as an experienced point of contact - regardless of whether you want to register a .im domain for the latest Instant Messenger or to buy a different TLD.

The .fm domains show a strong relation to the ccTLDs of nearby countries. These include the .de domain for the Federal Republic of Germany, the .fr domain for France, the domain for the UK or the .eu domain For the European Union.

If you would like to register and buy your personal .im domain right away, it is advisable to know the guidelines regarding the internet address. You have the choice between 3 and 63 characters, but special characters are not allowed, with the exception of the hyphen. Pure numerical domains are of course possible.


As you already know, the .im domain is often misappropriated and used by providers of so-called instant messaging services. Therefore, the domain has significantly higher usage figures than if it were used exclusively by the just under 85,000 inhabitants of the Isle of Man. In the near future, there will be an increase in registered .im domains, as the trend is clearly moving towards additional service providers and services.

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