What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a free application to set up and manage an online shop. The software can be used by everyone, no programming knowledge required. It is easy to set up a professional, intuitive and operable shop. With just a few clicks new articles can be added, product details can be added or interfaces for payment methods can be set up. The hosting of your shop with this provider is great for intividual enterprises with first time interest in a webshop as well as for distributers and companies.

All customers who opt for a hosting package can download easyname for free and continue using it without any additional costs. Installation of the easyname Easy Install App can be done in just a few quick steps and ensures that you can easily and quickly use the most up-to-date software version. If you have questions about the download or the initial shop set-up, simply get in touch with us! easyname is your provider, and will gladly use its broad experience to assist you either by phone, email or live chat.

Details about the Easy Install App

The shopping plattform uses the script language PHP and is based on a MVC framework which was developed just for this application. The shop framework can be supplemented to develop the structure and design of your shop accourding to your specifications or to extend the functions of the software. Modules offer interfaces for different payment methods like PayPal, credit cards or payment via invoice as well as the integration of vouchers or credit systems. For the administration of the database for the shop products, MySQL is used, which we offer with our hosting. The administration of the shop can be achieved in a webbrowser and different access rules can be specified. Different staff members of your company can edit products on their own computer.


  • Easy configuration in the browser
  • Huge selection of additional modules and add-ons
  • Great variety of languages
  • Constant future development of frameworks and modules


a month
Web space
25 GB
Email space
5 GB
OpenCart version
OpenCart license
open source
Spam and Virus Protection
available for 3 minutes