How can I manage multiple websites with my hosting product?

You can manage as many Websites and Domains as you like with any product that we offer and you can certainly also host different Websites on all of them.

We will explain the setup process with a short example. Let's say you have registered two domains, "" and "" and you want to have different websites served under the respective subdomain "www".

In order to set this up, you have to connect to your webspace via FTP (you can use an FTP client of your choice or use our web FTP, which is available in your control panel). Now navigate to the /html directory - this is the directory where all your web pages must be stored, in order for them to be servable via domains and subdomains. In the /html directory you can now create a subfolder for each website (e.g., "/html/" and "/html/"). After you've created those folders, load your websites into the respective directory that you have created for them.

After uploading your websites, please switch to your control panel now and navigate to the menu item [Web Hosting]> [Subdomains]. On that page you'll find a list of all subdomains that you have created for your domains. Including "" and "". Click on "Edit" for one of the subdomains and then select the option "Show webspace content". In the input field "Path" enter the respective subfolder, which you created previously for this website (e.g., "", without the leading /html) and then click on "Save".

Repeat the same steps for your other subdomain ("").

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