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How can i enable and configure the varnish cache?

If you set the "show webspace content" option for a domain or subdomain, the varnish cache will be enabled by default for this site. You can disable the vernish cache for your whole account at easyname by going to your controlpanel and navigating to [My Hosting] --> [Caching] --> [Varnish / Manage]. Here you can set 0 for the cache minutes or flush the data from the cache. If you only want to cache certain domains or subdomains, you can leave this option disabled and enable the varnish cache only for a specific site by navigating to the advanced subdomain settings which can be found here: [My Hosting] --> [Subdomains] --> [respective subdomain] --> [edit icon] --> "Settings »" when you choose the option "show webspace content". You can set the cache minutes now. If you set a higher value, it may take longer to update if you make changes to the website.