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Why I am not able to login with my FTP user?

At first please check if you are using the correct login information. These can be found in the easyname controlpanel, click on [My Hosting] -> [Datasheet]. Pleasse note also the host name under the line "FTP host".

But, if you use the right login data, maybe the FTP directory is not correct. Click on [My Hosting] -> [FTP Accounts] and check the path of the FTP account. If the specified path does not exist, you are not able to login. In this case please click on the "Edit" Icon of desired FTP account and update the "Directory". After saving this changes you should be able to login with your FTP client by using the correct login information.
Important: Please note that the "html" directory is not the source folder for your FTP accounts. If your desired starting directory is in the "html" folder you must specify this. For examle: "/html/mydomain.eu/". Consider that it isn't possible to change the source folder of the first FTP account (xxxxftp1), this always use the root directorty "/".