How many e-mails I can send (email limits)?

The easyname mail server limits (SMTP) are configured as follows:

  • 100 emails/recipients per email
  • 200 emails/recipients per 5 minutes
  • 400 emails/recipients in one hour
  • 1500 emails/recipients in one day
  • If you use PHP or sendmail on our webserver, the limits are:

  • 25 emails/recipients in 1 minute
  • 50 emails/recipients in 5 minute
  • 80 emails/recipients in 1 hour
  • 750 emails/recipients in 1 day (24 hours)
  • To avoid spaming we have set the following rule: Should a mailbox produce more than 15 mail delivery failure notices within one hour, it will be blocked for one hour (it is not possible to send emails). If there are more than 60, the email box will be blocked for 24 hours.

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