What is a domain contact?

When you register a domain with us, we automatically assign a domain contact to you where your name, email address, phone number, postal code and other data you have provided to us are stored.

Each domain contact is unique and contains personal information linked with your domain.

A domain contact usually consists of letters and numbers and looks e.g., like this: NG8867695-NICAT

With easyname you can use the same domain contact for multiple domains or assign each domain its own one. This is especially useful if domains in your account belong to different people.

You can also edit your domain contact at any time and change your data.

This is possible in your Control Panel if you click on [Domains] and choose the option [Standard contacts]. Each domain contact has a name (alias), such as "standard contact", so you can quickly find and assign them.

If you initiate an owner change, your current domain contact will be exchanged to a new one with the new data.

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