What happens if a domain transfer fails?

If a transfer fails (e.g., if the email confirmation is not provided), the transfer amount will be automatically credited to your easyname account and you will receive a mail stating the reason for the failed transfer. You can either re-initiate the transfer in the easyname Control Panel or contact our support team if you wish to have the amount refunded.

The most common reasons why domain transfers fail are:

  • Wrong Authcode: Please request a new authcode from your current domain provider and initiate the transfer with it again.
  • Consent to data processing has not been confirmed: In this case, the consent to data processing has not yet been given by you. For the consent, an email with a confirmation link will be sent to the email address of the future domain-owner. Please also check your SPAM folder if necessary. If the selected email address is not valid, please contact our support team.

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