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What happens if a domain transfer fails?

If a  transfer fails (e.g., with no accept of the email confirmation), the transfer amount is automatically refunded back to your easyname credit. Additionally you get an email with the reason why the transfer has failed. After making the essential arrangements you can restart the transfer in the easyname controlpanel or ask our support team for a refund.

The most common reasons why domain transfers fail:

- wrong AuthCode! Please ask your current domain provider for a new AuthCode and initiate the transfer again.

- transfer request mail hasn't been confirmed In this case, the mail was not read and thus not confirmed. Please also check your SPAM folder. We can not define to whom the transfer request message is sent, the registry senr it invariable to the registered domain owner (according the WHOIS data). If the recorded email address isn't valid any more, please contact your current domain provider and order a email owner change. After that you can initiate the transfer again in the easyname controlpanel.