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How do I link my domain to the uploaded website?

In order to link the domain to your website, you must first upload your website or the files of your website (index.html / .htm / .php, etc.) to the web server.

The following guide will help you: My first website at easyname

After you have uploaded the files, log into the easyname control panel and click on [ My domains] -> [yourDomain.com/Subdomains]. Click on the [Edit]-icon of the desired subdomain(s). In the next step, you can specify the exact server path or select the directory under "Show webspace content".

Please note that only data/web pages can be displayed which are located in the /html/-folder of your webspace.

With this way you can operate several domains/websites at easyname. As an example, you could simply create a separate directory/folder for each website and configure the corresponding domain as described above - or let all domains point to the same directory (therefore all of your domains will display the same content).