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How do I set up domain forwarding/redirect?

You can set up a domain forwarding in the Easyname Control Panel under [My Domains] -> your domain.com/Subdomains by clicking on the "Edit-Symbol" (on the right of your subdomain).

Among other settings, you will find two options called "Forwarding (Normal)" and "Hidden forwarding (Frame)"

A normal forwarding is technically a web server function, which redirects the old address (URL) to a new one. Thus, the address bar in your browser changes to the destination address.

If a permanent redirection is required, you can enable it by clicking on "Permanent Redirect". In contrast to the normal forwarding, the web browser "remembers" the new URL, which makes the forwarding permanent. This is also referred to as a 301 Redirect (= HTTP Code 301).

A hidden redirect can be used if the destination URL should not to be visible in the browser's address bar. If you choose this type of forwarding, the URL entered will remain in the browser's address bar even though the web page content of the destination address is displayed.

To realize this, a mini HTML page is automatically created which represents the desired web page in a special frame. The web server is configured to automatically load this frame when you set up a hidden redirect. Since all interactions are now in this frame or "mini web page" the browser address is the actual received URL.

In "Frame Title", you can define any page title, as well as in "Frame Favicon", add a small logo / image, which is then displayed in the address bar of the browser to the left of the URL.