Send and receive emails in the Cloudpit

To manage your email address, you must first create an email address.

We have an article for you here on how to create an email address.


Logged into the Cloudpit, navigate to managing your web hosting by clicking on the “manage” link

Once in the web hosting administration, navigate to E-mails in the tab on the left and then to E-mail addresses in the sub-tab.

You are now in your email overview. Here you can see all your active email addresses. To edit your desired address, click on Actions on the right of the respective address and then on Edit email address.

Here you can choose the delivery type, mailbox and/or forwarding, change the address password, change storage space.

If you are happy with the changes, click the Apply Changes button below. The change happens here directly.

You can also access webmail at the top right and log in.

If you would like to use an external email program as an alternative, you will find instructions on how to do this here


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