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What does the status billwithdrawn mean?

„billwithdraw“ is a policy of the Austrian and German Domain Registry (nic.at & DENIC)

This happens if you don't renew your Domain timely or if you don't have enough money on your Easyname credit balance. In this status the Domain will be transfered back to the Domain Registry and technically it's not managed by Easyname anymore. However you don't lose the rights on your Domain and you are still the owner of your Domain.

Your Domain will then be renewed for a year and you'll receive an invoice from nic.at or DENIC.

So, if you want to manage the Domain again at Easyname you can either initiate a transfer or use it free of charge as External Domain.

You can do this at [My Domains] -> [External Domains] in your Easyname Control Panel.

Please note that you can't just "let an .at/.de Domain expire" because of those policies. If you don't need your Domain anymore please delete it in your Control Panel at [My Domains] -> yourDomain/Manage -> "Delete Domain on Expiry"

There you'll also see the periods of cancellation.