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MediaWiki hosting at easyname

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  • Current version at easynane: 1.30.0
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MediaWiki hosting at easyname

What is MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is a free administration software system for digital content which works similarly to the Wikipedia to manage any number of users. The application was originally developed for Wikipedia and offers useres a flexible groundwork for information collections or encyclopaediae and the possiblity to grant users writing access. The download of this software is recommended for all websites where providers want to spread knowledge through tutorials or encyclopaediae and where users are invited to provide experience and expert knowledge.

If you choose easyname for your hosting package, you can install this software as a free one-click-application. As a provider, we offer permanent and free usage of the current versions and help you use the easyname one-click-applications. If you have questions about hosting or our various services, contact us via e-mail, phone or live-chat. We also offer advice on the choice of the optimal one-click-applications for your projects.

Details to one-click-application

The software is based on the script language PHP, the various contents can be administered in different database backends with an emphasis on MySQL or MarisDB. The software was further developed as an open source project over the last 10 years and the functional range is constantly expanded. An emphasis was made on the varied and tailored allocation of user rights to make administration of users, user access and contents easier by appointing administrators. From a certain level, suspension of content or active users can be decided as well as granting user rights for editing articles. By hosting the wiki you can adapt the design according to your specifications through CSS and JavaScript.


  • Functional range can be adjusted individually
  • Variegated language support
  • Full text search with Apache Lucere
  • Complex permission management for users
  • Medium
    Web space:
    20 GB
    E-mail space:
    5 GB
    MediaWiki version
    MediaWiki license
    open source
    MediaWiki installation
    Spam and virus protection
    available for 3 minutes
    a month