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The new domain extensions have arrived!


Is my desired domain available?

Check the availability of your desired domain with a single click! Enter the desired domain name in the search window and after a short domain check you will immediately find out which domains are available for registration.

How can I register a nTLD (new top-level domain)?

Considering all the advantages above, you cannot wait to register a new top-level domain? The further procedure depends entirely on the status of the domain.

Currently, a domain can be in one of the four phases:

  • The domain is released for registration
  • The domain can be pre-ordered
  • The domain is in the Sunrise phase
  • The domain can be reserved
The domain is already released for registration

A new top-level domain that has already been released for registration can be registered with no problems like any other domain. Simply search for your desired domain extension and register it with one click.

The domain can be pre-ordered

The price and launch date for a new domain extension is determined and the desired domain can be pre-ordered. When new domains are launched, you can try to register the desired domain. The payment for your part is due only in case of a successful registration.

The domain is in the Sunrise phase

Are you considering the option to register a domain for your brand? Then use the Sunrise phase! For more information see "How can I protect my brand from abuse?".

The domain can be reserved

Domain reservation imposes no obligation on you. Once we know the launch date and pricing of the new TLD, we will forward this information to you and then you can opt for a pre-order.

For domain extensions that are freely available for registration already, a domain can be registered at any time.

With our service we provide prior reservation and pre-order.

Due to the high number of new domain extensions, ICANN always releases to the market a certain quota only. The time when certain domain extensions become available is determined by random selection. New domains are therefore released at regular intervals.

Domains are generally awarded based on a "first come, first served" principle. The fastest one to register will acquire the domain.

The pre-order of your desired domain is a way to secure yourself the preferred domain. Pre-orders at several registrars increase your chance of a successful registration of your preferred domain.

Reservation does not cause any costs or obligation. Once we have information about the launch and pricing of the desired top-level domains, we will inform you. You can make a pre-order then.

A pre-order for a new gTLD in easyname means that we will do our best to register your desired domain for you before the registration begins. Since many other registrars also take similar measures, we cannot guarantee a successful registration. You will incur the cost only in case of a successful registration.

A pre-order cannot guarantee successful registration. However, an advance reservation with different providers increases the chance that one of them can register your preferred domain for you.

The reservation of a new top-level domain is free of charge. When you make a pre-order, you only pay when we register the desired domain for you.

If the domain is pre-ordered, we will attempt to register it for you. If you no longer want to purchase the domain, please contact our support team at least 3 business days before the launch date of the corresponding TLD.

The cost of the new domain extensions varies. Like it was before, TLDs that enjoy especially great popularity sell at a higher price. The price level ultimately depends on individual domain name registries or domain administrators.

How many new top-level domains there will be?

No-one can exactly say how many new top-level domains will make their way into our everyday lives in the future. In the next few years, however, more than 1,000 new top-level domains will appear on the Internet. It depends on the respective registry to what extent they will be made available for public registration.

What new domain extensions are expected at easyname.com?

We will do our best to offer as many new domain extensions as possible, provided taht they are relevant to the market and also generally available to us. We cannot offer TLDs used by large corporations to present themselves, e.g. .google, .ups, .apple oder .tui.

Why were new TLDs introduced?

The demand for new TLDs has increased steadily in recent years. A short and meaningful domain name is a valuable asset that was hard to snatch. The new TLDs open up possibilities for short domain names and unique debut.

Large companies have taken advantage of the opportunity and submitted their own "company TLD". Besides .google, we will also see .apple and .zara in the future standing in URLs.

Who is responsible for the new TLDs?

The new TLDs are awarded by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names, and Numbers. This office also decides on a company or organization to have TLD.

For example, the owner of the .computer, .dating, .land TLDs is Donuts Inc., while the .jetzt TLD is owned by the New TLD Company.

The TLD awarding procedure is largely similar to domain registration. However, it is accompanied by significantly more cost and effort.

Each top-level domain is owned by an organization. For ccTLDs, each country appoints a manager for its domain extension who identifies and manages the requirements for registration. Some countries allow, for example, only one registration, if you can show that you live in this country.

Most of the other domains are considered sponsored generic TLD (sponsored gTLD) and are managed by a company or organization.

Do I need to meet any requirements for the registration of various TLDs and who determines them?

Some ccTLDs (country domains) have stricter requirements for registration than others. While some of them require proof of residence in the country as a registration criterion, others place no major constraints.

Some registries of generic TLDs require that the registrant fulfills certain registration obligations.

In many cases, you will know which TLDs are finally available for registration and the conditions attached to them only when the domain is launched.

FAQs for companies

It has been the case in the past that brand names were misused by third parties when the "first come, first served" principle applied. To help the companies protect their name or brand, the Sunrise phase (Sunrise period) has been introduced. In this phase, companies have the option to register a brand domain in advance, thus avoiding the stress of public registration.

To do this, the brands must be filed upon submission of the required documents to the Trademark Clearinghouse established by the ICANN. Another advantage is that you will be notified by the registry when an application for domain registration corresponding to the registered brand is submitted and this way prevent the award of you brand as domain name.

The Sunrise phase has been initiated to secure brands for companies. Individuals with no brand cannot acces the Sunrise phase.

For more information about brand protection please see www.trademark-clearinghouse.com

The Sunrise phase does not guarantee the registration of your desired domain. Here, too, the first one to lay claim to the domain and provide the necessary evidence receives it.

The new domain extensions provide companies with the opportunity to offer their portfolio using a domain that already allows a clearer and more explicit communication at a first glance. Those who see an .app domain will immediately recognize the connection to smart phones and computers and expect exactly this kind of content.

However, this gold rush also leads to the situation when potentially protected brands are registered by third parties, unless a claim to that particular domain is laid in advance. Such claims can and should be laid in advance to the Trademark Clearinghouse.