Check if your domain is still free

If you want to set up your own website, you must first work out a meaningful name for this website. First and foremost, you should pay attention to the content of your website. After the domain name is fixed, you should run our domain verification to check if the chosen name is registrable or taken.

Our professional domain check offers you the uncomplicated tool to check your preferred domain. With just a few entries you have found out whether you can register the name you have chosen.

To check your domain name n, easyname offers you almost 500 domain extensions (such as the classic .com or the .at domain ). At the beginning of 2014, the new domain endings were added - which you can also register with us.

Simply use our domain check

If you still need web space, i.e. storage space for your website, we also offer you inexpensive web hosting . Now you can start building your website. We attach particular importance to customer satisfaction and would like to make it as easy as possible for you to access the Internet. Therefore, in addition to our advantageous conditions, you also benefit from our personal support, which is happy to answer any questions you may have about domain verification and registration.

Use our domain check immediately and secure your desired domain today. If you have any questions when checking the domain, you will find the contact details of our support team here. We're happy to help!

  • Provider from Europe

    We are a European web hosting and domain provider based in Vienna. Both our team and the data you host are of course located in Europe.

  • Experienced Domain Registrar

    We have many years of experience as direct domain registrar. With us you can also buy domains with very unusual domain extensions .

  • Personal Support

    Do you have any questions about buying a domain? Our support team is happy to be there for you personally, whether by phone, email, live chat or our social media channels. You can find more about this in our support area .

  • Large Domain Portfolio

    We have more than 483 domain extensions - classic and new extensions for your domain. In the overview of all available domain extensions you can see which domain you can buy.

  • Numeric and umlaut domains

    Domain name n with umlauts or numbers? You can also buy domains with numbers and umlauts from us.

  • Easy Interface & Integration

    Buy a domain and use it together with our web hosting or website builder products? Of course it is possible.

  • Real-time DNS management

    You are welcome to manage DNS entries yourself: Our control panel ensures that your changes are applied immediately.

  • Use Your Own Nameserver

    Do you run your own name server? You can use this for all domains that you manage through us.

  • Set a Transfer Lock

    Shouldn't unauthorized persons be able to transfer your domain? Our domain lock or transfer lock ensures this.