Domains of this Category

  1. b
    • .bingo

  2. c
    • .christmas

  3. d
    • .dog

    • .dad

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  4. f
    • .family

  5. m
    • .men

    • .mom

  6. r
    • .recipes

    • .rip

  7. s
    • .school

    • .schule

    • .scholarships

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1) Currently, top-level domain can only be pre-ordered bindingly. Once live registration of the top-level domain begins, we will forward your registration order to the respective registry as quickly as possible. We cannot guarantee a successful registration. The fee for a new registration will be charged only in case of success.

2) This top-level domain is expected to launch within six to twelve months. Currently, we have no information on the actual implementation, time availability, prices or awarding terms and conditions. Within the scope of the non-binding reservation, you can announce your domain. Once we have more information about this top-level domain, we will inform you by e-mail and possibly offer you a binding reservation.

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