How to connect to your VPS via SSH

All of our Linux-based cloud SSD servers allow you to connect directly to the shell using SSH.

Secure Shell or SSH denotes both a network protocol and corresponding programs with the help of which one can establish an encrypted network connection with a remote device in a secure manner.

An SSH program is available for almost all known operating systems, it is already included in the delivery for Linux and Mac, for Windows we recommend PuTTy.

After you have loaded and installed PuTTy, you can establish an SSH connection to your server directly by entering a few details.

Host name or IP address: The IP address or host name of your server. You can find this information directly in the Server Administration of your server.

Port: 22

Username: root

Password: Set the password for root access directly in the Server Administraion of your server.

Once you have entered all the data, start the connection to your server in order to enter your user name and password in the next step.

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