Will my hosting product automatically be renewed?

With easyname, the products are always automatically renewed before the term expires. However, it should be noted that either there must be enough credit in the account or an automatic payment method has been activated (SEPA, credit card).

Is an automatic payment active in my account?

If you don't know whether you have activated automatic payment, you can check this in our control panel.

Log in to the control panel and go to the Account tab. Once there, you can view either your direct debits or your credit cards in the respective sub-tabs.

If no direct debit or credit card was stored here, no automatic payments are possible.

Here the payments are switched to the credit. If the credit is not sufficient for an extension, you will be automatically informed by email before the product expires.

How do I enable automatic payment in my account?

We already have a FAQ article for this topic. You can find it here:


How do I manually renew my hosting product

If you want to renew your product manually, you can also do this in the Controlpanel.

To do this, go to Web Hosting and then Manage Product. Here you can see your current product and the respective costs. With the Extend button you can directly extend your web hosting product for the desired term.

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