What does the status billwithdrawn mean?

A billwithdraw will be initiated if you are the owner of a .at, .co.at, .or.at or .de Domain only if you do not renew or cancel your Domain on time.

Also if the cancellation happens too late or if there is a problem with the payment, it's possible that the Domain gets into this status.

This means you will no longer receive invoices from easyname, but from the registries nic.at or Denic (for .de domains) itself.

Of course you do not lose the rights to your Domain, but easyname is no longer responsible for the administration.

Please note that the Domain in this status will be unreachable and therefore your services may be interrupted.

If you want to cancel the domain at this time, please contact nic.at or Denic. You can also bring the domain back to easyname at any time by initiating a transfer.

These are policies of the registries that every Domain provider like easyname has to follow.

Tip: To avoid this inconvenience, we recommend that you set up an automatic payment with us. We can then renew your domain automatically for you so it does not come to a billwithdraw.

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