How can I activate Let's Encrypt for my domain?

Please note that a paid hosting product is necessary in order to use Let's Encrypt.

If you want to enable SSL for one or more subdomains to make your page reachable via HTTPS (= Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), click [Web Hosting] in the navigation bar of your easyname control panel then go to [Subdomains]. On this page all subdomains are listed. To the left of each subdomain or domain, you will find a blue [HTTP://] button. As soon as you click on it, a menu with the following options will open:

Enable HTTPS: If you press this button, a Let's Encrypt certificate will be issued and the subdomain will be configured to use it. This will make your website accessible via HTTPS.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS?: We recommend that you also enable this option so that visitors visiting your site via HTTP are automatically redirected over the secure protocol.

After activating this option, you also have the possibility to select the type of forwarding:

  • HTTP 301: Moved Permanently
  • HTTP 302: Found or Moved Temporarily
  • HTTP 307: Temporary Redirect
  • HTTP 308: Permanent Redirect

We recommend using 301 or 308 permanent redirects if it's just a matter of changing the protocol. The 302 and 308 redirects should only be used if their destination is only temporarily accessible via this URL (subdomain).

Once you clicked the [SAVE] button, the changes will take effect after a few minutes.

Tip: Usually SSL needs to be enabled within the application before it is published with the domain. It's best to do this before setting up the domain.

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