How to install WordPress with easyname

easyname offers a fully automated installation of Unlike, this is the self-installed variant we provide.

Please note that you need a hosting product that includes PHP and databases.

To install Wordpress, click [Webhosting] in your easyname control panel and select [Easy Install Apps]. You can now find several applications to choose from. Now click on "WordPress" in the list or select "+ Add". Next you can specify on which domain or subdomain you want to install Wordpress and also define other settings as well.

You will automatically be guided through the process step-by-step. The installation takes place in the background and should normally be completed within 10-15 minutes. If the installation takes longer or fails, please contact our Support Team.

Alternatively, you can install Wordpress manually. To do this you need to download the official package from and unpack it on the server.

However, we recommend that you choose the automatic way as this is the easiest and fastest option.

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