Which data and how often are backups created by easyname?

The easyname storage system performs automatic backups of your web space and your databases. To this end we have provided your account with an extra backup FTP access. You can find the access data in your easyname Control Panel under [My hosting] → [Backup] or on the [Datasheet].

Please note: We highly recommend to save your Backups on a regular basis to your computer so you can access them anytime if it's necessary.

If you log in with the backup credentials via FTP, you will find several directories, each named with date and time. The time specified is in UTC. You will find the backups with the states of the last two days as well as the states of the last two Sundays.

ie. checking your backups on 1st March 2017 at 8:00 pm would list the following folders:

  • /2017-03-01-17.55/
  • /2017-03-01-16.55/
  • /2017-02-28-23.00/
  • /2017-02-27-22.55/
  • /2017-02-26-22.55/
  • /2017-02-19-23.05/

In each folder there is a copy of your whole webspace (the whole /html/ folder and all other folders/files), which was created at the time described above.

You will also find backups of all of your databases in these folders under /db_dumps/, they are provided in the form of SQL dumps (for example, u11111db1.sql.gz). The These database images are generated once a day at night.

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