How do I manage my Email Addresses?

How can I manage an Email Adress?

Firstly, please note that the e-mail administration in your easyname control panel is split into two different sections - the [Email Boxes] configuration, where you can set up the size of your mail boxes, spam filter settings etc. In this article we are talking about the second part, the [Email addresses] configuration, which you can find directly past the [Email boxes] in your control panel.

If you want to manage your e-mail addresses please login to the easyname controlpanel and click on [Web Hosting] and then [Email Addresses]. In this screen, all of your Email addresses will be displayed. You are now able to create, delete and manage your Email addresses, as well as connect a Email Address to a specific Email Box. Here you also can configure an autoresponder.

How can I create an Email Adress?

Please log into the easyname controlpanel and click on [Web Hosting][Email addresses] -> [+Add new Email address]. Now put the desired name into the field [New email address] and choose one of your domains in the drop down menu on the right side. In the next row you have the possibility to choose between the delivery to an available easyname mailbox (Deliver to box:) or an e-mail redirect to another e-mail address (Deliver to E-mail address:). Finally click on [ADD AN EMAIL ADDRESS] to save your changes. You can add additional mailboxes and e-mail forwardings to the created e-mail address.

We also provide the possibility to connect as many e-mail addresses to one mailbox or as many mailboxes to one e-mail address. You can set it up, as stated in the following two examples:

The e-mail address delivers to the mailbox 10mail1 and to the mailbox 10mail2. Emails that are sent to, will be delivered to both users/mailboxes. You can setup the e-mail address, to deiliver e-mails to 10mail1 and also add the e-mail address to the same mailbox. In this case, the user of the mailbox will recieve all mails which are sent to either e-mail address.

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