How can I transfer my domain to another easyname account?

If you want to transfer your domain to another easyname account, first log in to the Controlpanel and click [Domains ] . You now see a listing of your domains. Right next to the Domain that you want to transfer click on the Manage-icon.

Scroll all the way down and select the option Transfer domain to other account .

You can now enter the email address of the destination account where you want to transfer the Domain.

Please note that your Domain settings will be lost during this process. This means all DNS settings and existing e-mail addresses must therefore be created again after the transfer in the new Account. Also no files of your Website or your Mailboxes will be transferred.

If you want to continue, click the [APPROVE TRANSFER] button.

Now you just have to confirm the approval in the target account. Under [Domains] the [Internal Transfer] menu item appears where you can complete this process.

There may also be an owner change required if you choose a new Domain contact during the approval process.

This must be confirmed either by email or by form, depending on the domain.

The old and new owner will both receive an email with a link to approve the owner change process.

If the confirmation by form is necessary, it will be automatically made available for download in the target account if you proceed as described above.

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