How do I assign my first RDP administrator password?

Login to Server Administration

Login to the Server Administration via the easyname Control Panel by clicking on [Server] in the navigation bar on the left side and then clicking on [Login] on the desired server.

In the next step click on the [CONSOLE] item in the left menu to start the remote console

Start console & assign password

Now start your server via the menu at the top right. Click on the green arrow to start the server and to activate the remote console.

As soon as the server has started successfully, you will see the point to start the console. Start the remote console by clicking the green button.

You can now enter your administrator password and apply it by clicking on "Finish". The Windows server continues to start and is set up automatically so that you can see your desktop after a few minutes.

You can now log into the server via Remote Desktop (RDP) by specifying the IP address, the user name "Administrator" and the password you have just assigned.

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