How can I set up and manage a direct debit or credit card?

You can set up a Direct Debit with us, so that we can renew your products automatically.

This has the advantage that there are no interruptions of your services if e.g., accidentally a payment was overlooked. In that case, we will take care of your renewal in the background and you will only receive an Invoice as a receipt once the renewal has taken place.

This automatic debit can be set up either via your bank account or via your credit card.

For the Direct Debit order via the bank account (SEPA payment) we need a signed SEPA mandate from you, so that we can withdraw from your account.

You can set this up in your control panel by clicking [Account] and selecting [Direct debits]. As soon as you enter your bank account number, you will receive the SEPA mandate.

If you want to cancel the direct debit, click on [Account] → [Direct debits] → [Delete direct debit].

The credit card debit can be set up under the [Account] menu item by clicking [Credit cards]. As soon as you enter your credit card details, they will be stored in encrypted form and we will be able to deduct the amount automatically.

If you want to deactivate your credit card for recurring payments, navigate to [Account] → [Credit cards] → [Deactivate direct debit].

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