Which data and how often are backups created by easyname?

easyname provides a free backup server on our system for all customers. Please note that this is another service.

Note: We recommend saving the backups locally on your computer at regular intervals so that you can access them at any time if this should be necessary.

The easyname storage system carries out automatic backups of your web space and databases. We will now explain to you how you can access the backups

I use the control panel

In the control panel we have a separate FTP server where you can view and download the backups. To do this, go to the Webhosting tab on the left in the Control Panel and then to Backup Access in the sub-tab >.

Once you get there you can now view the host name and the user. You can set the password using the button below. As soon as you are connected, you will see all the backups that were made automatically here. Here you will find at least the backups of the last two Sundays and the last days.

In the respective folder there is a copy of your entire web space (the entire /html folder and all other folders/files), which was created at the time described.

You can also find backups of all your databases in the respective folders under /db_dumps/, which are provided in the form of SQL dumps (e.g. u11111db1.sql.gz ). These database images are generated once a day at night.

Backups are usually stored in the Cloudpit for two weeks and then irrevocably deleted from the server!

I use the Cloudpit

The Cloudpit uses a separate backup server which is not accessible via an FTP port. You can select and upload the backups using the visual selection.

To do this, go to your web hosting administration in the Cloudpit.

Once you get there, go to Security in the tab on the left and then to the Backups sub-tab.

You can now select your desired backup with the respective timestamp. In the next window you can then select the data you would like to have restored, as well as the respective folder/email address.

Depending on the size, the backup can take several minutes. However, you will be informed by email after completion.

Backups are usually stored in the Cloudpit for two weeks and then irrevocably deleted from the server!

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