How does Redis or Memcached work with easyname?

You can choose between 2 caching systems: Memcache (d) and Redis.

For the hosting packages: Medium, Large and Unlimited, a 16 MB cache pool is available.

For our reseller packages: Starter, Basic, Medium and Premium we have 20 cache pools per 24 MB available.

Our Dedicated Reseller products have 99 cache pools of 32MB each.

Tip: You can also cache multiple websites with the same cache pool.

To check if the cache-pool is active you can connect to the server via SSH.

If you have not yet created SSH access, you can do so in the easyname Control Panel at [Webhosting] [SSH Access] .

If you have connected to the server using SSH, you can use the following commands to see if the cache is active:

memcache (d):

watch -n 0.1 "echo stats | nc -U {{YOUR_SOCKET_PFAD}} | grep curr_connections"


redis-cli -s {{YOUR_SOCKET_PFAD}}


Tip: Please always use the latest php version to get the most out of caching.