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How does Redis or Memcached work with easyname?

You can choose from 2 different caching systems: Memcache(d) and Redis. With the hosting packages Medium, Large or Unlimited you can use one cache pool with 16 MB. With our reseller packages: Starter, Basic, Medium und Premium are 20 Cache Pools with 24 MB each available. With our dedicated reseller packages are 99 Cache Pools with 32 MB each available.

Tip: You can also cache multiple websites with only one cache pool.

You can check the cache pool by logging into your webserver with ssh. If you have no ssh acount created yet, you can do so by going to your controlpanel and navigating to [My Hosting] --> [SSH Access]. If you are connected with ssh you can check the cache pools with the following commands:

watch -n 0.1 "echo stats | nc -U {{YOUR_SOCKET_PATH}} | grep curr_connections"

redis-cli -s {{YOUR_SOCKET_PATH}}

Tipp: Please always use the latest php Version for optimal caching results.