What services does Cloudflare offer and what should be considered?

What kind of service offers Cloudflare ?

Cloudflare offers caching, CDN and DDoS protection among other services. Here you can find a detailled overview of all services from Cloudflare.

How does caching work with Cloudflare ?

If you configure a subdomain for Cloudflare in your easyname Controlpanel, a CNAME entry to your DNS configuration will be added. The CNAME entry will look like this example:

sub.domain.com --> CNAME --> sub.domain.com.cdn.cloudflare.net

If there is a request to your website, the requests will go directly to the nearest Cloudflare Server around you. If Cloudlflare has a fresh copy of your website in its cache, the response will be sent directly to the requester. If Cloudflare has a old copy of the website, Cloudflare will make a request to your server at easyname and ask for a fresh copy. This copy is then saved on the Cloudflare servers which in turn will send a fresh copy to the requester.

What is Cloudflares DDoS Protection ?

Cloudflare can defend DDoS attacks against your server because it filters all requests. If a request is from a hacker it will get dropped, if it is from a visitor the response will be sent back. Here you will find more technical information about DDoS protection.

Cloudflare is not able to cache requests if the request contains cookies. For example: Joomla uses cookies, so you cannot use Joomla with Cloudflare.