What is Cloudflare and how can I use it with easyname?

Cloudflare is a world wide Content Delivery Network (CDN) which speeds up the delivery of your website for visitors not located in Austria. Cloudflare operates 43 data centers in 32 countries and can reduce the distance for the data delivery to your visitor. Here you can find more informations about Cloudflare

To enable Cloudflare with easyname you need a Cloudflare account. If you have no account yet, you can create one in your easyname Controlpanel at [Account] and then on [Cloudflare]. If you already have a Cloudflare Account, you can simply connect it to your easyname account here.

You can then enable CloudFlare for a subdomain by navigating to [Domains] or [Webhosting] and then on [Subdomains] and customize the settings of the respective subdomain using the [Edit] (pen icon).