How can I make advanced PHP settings?

Definitions for the PHP settings:

open_basedir: If this option is toggled on, PHP scripts cannot access other folders than the chosen root folder.
(if a CMS is hacked, this setting can be helpful to avoid harm to other files on your webhost)

display errors: When this option is on, error messages will be displayed directly on the website.
(can be very useful to debug your scripts)

The following options are only available with PHP 5.3.

magic quotes: When this option is activated, quotes will automatically be masked with a backslash [\] - in later PHP releases this option does not exist.

register globals: If this option is activated you can utilise request variables globally.
(Having this active can lead to issues with some applications, it is recommended to shut it off)

safe mode: The safe mode deactivates some functions and offers certain security features important for shared hosting services.
(If a function you need is deactivated, you can try toggling safe mode off)

You can set up the advanced PHP settings in two different ways.

You can find this option in your easyname control panel.
Here you can choose a PHP version and set up the advanced settings.

For a subdomain: You can find this option in the control panel.
Please click on the link [Subdomains] and then the edit icon. Next to the textbox you find the link "Settings »".