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Can I use different content for multiple domains?

Yes, you can create different directories on your webspace for different websites.

First, connect to your webspace wth the FTP client of your choice. The login credentials can be found in your easyname controlpanel via [My Hosting] -> [Datasheet].

Then, in the /html/ root directory you create two subdirectories - ie. /example.com/ and /timtattoo.com/ and upload their respective content.

Then navigate to [My Domains] -> [Subdomains] in your easyname control panel in the column "Availability" next to your domain and create a subdomain or edit an existing one by clicking on the pencil icon "Edit" on the right-hand side. Then select "Show webspace Content" and fill in /timtattoo.com/ into the text field, labeled "Path".

Repeat this for the second domain with the /example.com/ path.