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What types of subdomains are there?

Under "My Hosting" "Subdomains" you can select from the following display options:
WebSpace Content View
If you want to view their website at this subdomain, upload your files via FTP in the "/ html" folder on the server. The path "/ html" doesn't need to be specified here.
For example, you upload your website into the directory "/ html / dir /", then enter "/ dir /" to.
Forward (normal)
Through the normal forwarding, you can forward your domain to a different domain name. However, after being forwarded the "real" URL of the website to which you pass, appears.
Hidden forwarding (frame)
Through the hidden forwarding, you have the option of hiding your domain "forward" without displaying the "real" Internet address.
Show Webbusinesscard
This simple easyname business card is displayed as a Web page placeholder
"Show domain parked".

This displays a domain parked message