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What happens after the expiry of the registration period?

At the end of the registration time domains different TLDs are treated differntly. In case of a .at domain, the registry (NIC.at) will do a billwithdraw on the d-day. This means that the domain is (transferred) to NIC.at. Because we are not allowed without approval of the owner to run out. In this case you receive in most cases an invoice from NIC.at for the following annual fee. As this has entered, the domain does not cohesion any more with easyname, then you must clear the formalities with NIC.at and can transfer back again your domain to easyname. With .de domains the process (regulated by DENIC) is very similarly. With most other domains it is execute out at the end of the registration time "pending_delete". This means the domain nobody can register, transfer, etc. although it still exist technically. The domain is extinguished after an uncertain time (mostly 1-3 months) and can be registered afterwards again anew. Should you have missed the lengthening period, we can restore to you the domain by hand against payment of the respective restoration fee. Please, contact in this case our support team